At Torquay Dental we recommend children come in for their first dental visit around the age of three. This allows the child to get used to the dental atmosphere and starts them off with good dental habits. At Torquay Dental our aim is to make these early dental visits a fun experience to show children that being at the dentist is not something to fear.

The first set of teeth that children develop can, unfortunately, get decay. These teeth have a very thin outer layer so the decay can move rapidly causing holes and ultimately lead to pain and infection.

It is important to try to keep the first set of teeth until it is time for them to naturally fall out. If they are lost too early it can lead to space loss and crowd in the adult teeth. Dental decay in children can also lead to pain, fever, inability to eat properly, loss of sleep and loss of school time. Therefore, it is best to stay on top of the dental health of your child to ensure that their teeth are strong, and to have any early decay promptly repaired to avoid further trauma

Many children are also entitled to $1000 of free dental work through the Government Medicare Scheme. Please contact us to see if your child is eligible.