General Dentistry involves the day to day dental work which maintains your mouth in a healthy state. At Torquay Dental we recommend having a preventative dental check-up and professional cleaning done every 6 months which involves;

  • Thoroughly checking all the teeth to ensure there is no dental decay, fractures or excessive tooth wear.
  • Thoroughly checking the gums, tongue, cheeks and floor of your mouth to ensure that there are no abnormalities detected.
  • Screening the head, neck and face for abnormalities, swelling, tenderness or loss of volume in the skin.
  • Checking the jaw joint for abnormal function
  • Thorough screening for oral cancer
  • Removing calcified and soft deposits of plaque and calculus (tartar) from teeth to prevent the formation or progression of gum disease and bone loss.
  • Remineralising treatment of your teeth which can slow down or even repair any areas of early dental decay

Often it is also important to take dental X-rays. These give us a comprehensive view of your mouth and allow us to plan for any treatment you may need.