Tooth whitening is a safe procedure when done by a trained dental professional. At Torquay Dental we use a take-home system which works very efficiently and the level of whitening is controlled by the user. It can also be used in combination with other products to reduce dental sensitivity. Tooth whitening is best done after a professional clean to ensure teeth are whitened evenly. Following tooth whitening fillings may need to be replaced as their colour will not change and they will no longer match the newly whitened teeth. This will be discussed with you before you commence any treatment. Sometimes if you are having other cosmetic dental work we may advise to whiten your teeth beforehand in order to achieve your ideal result.

Another type of tooth whitening which we can do is internal tooth whitening. This can be done to treat teeth which have gone grey or black due to trauma or past root canal therapy. This involves opening a passage in the tooth and placing whitening gel inside the tooth. This usually gives good results and removes the grey or black discolouration, which can make a dramatic difference to your smile.